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For Dads, By Dads

Introducing DADC, the currency that unites dads worldwide to showcase their dad joke prowess.

About Crypto Dad Collective

Welcome to Crypto Dad Collective, the network for dads who straddle the worlds of expert bedtime storytelling, household DIY mastery, financial guidance and jokes. Our first project, DADC, is a digital asset that's more than an investment opportunity – it's the rite of passage for dads looking for financial growth and the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Not a Dad? Got one don't you? Why not surprise him with DADC! Forget about the "World's Best Dad" mug and give him something that shows you truly appreciate his parenting skills, financial wisdom, and unbeatable barbecue game. With DADC, you're giving more than just a digital asset – you're cementing your dad's legacy in the world of crypto and grilling. So go ahead, make his day and trade DADC on Uniswap for the father figure who has everything (except his very own dad currency).

World's Best Dad Mug

Trade DADC on Uniswap

Ready to ascend the dad throne? Trade DADC on Uniswap on Arbitrum, where exchanging tokens is more straightforward than assembling IKEA furniture! Click below to start flexing your paternal trading finesse:

Trade DADC on Uniswap

Make sure you swich the network to Arbitrum and have some ETH on arbitrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DADC?
DADC is the digital asset crafted for dads who juggle grilling, investing, and perfecting their dad jokes – all while staying fashion-forward with the latest cargo shorts.
How do I buy and trade DADC?
Just like you buy that lawnmower you've been eyeing, you can acquire DADC on Uniswap, the decentralized exchange platform that makes trading tokens as smooth as a freshly mowed lawn. Simply follow the "Trade DADC on Uniswap" link above and unleash the power of dad investment.
How can I participate in the Crypto Dad Collective community?
Join our social media clubhouse and exchange dad tales, epic grilling successes, and investment tips with like-minded paternal figures. Pull up a lawn chair, toss on your favorite sunglasses, and stay on the lookout for new Crypto Dad Collective projects and collaborations.